We could not carry out the important early intervention work that The Geelong Project (TGP) does without the support of our partners.

TGP partnership is totally committed to demonstrating that through effective early intervention, by supporting young people to remain at home and school, and to be connected to their community, homelessness can be reduced in Australia.

Swinburne University

Swinburne has a commitment to producing high quality, relevant research that has an impact on the daily lives of people. Swinburne University is a partner with The Geelong Project providing research and social analysis. This partnership has enabled the research and development dimensions of the project to be enhanced through the Student Needs Survey, funded under FaHCSIA Homelessness Research Partnerships. This population survey of secondary students in the Bellarine and North Geelong catchment areas is providing new and dynamic data on youth homelessness.

Barwon Youth

Barwon Youth has grown over the past 30 years to become the largest youth specific agency in the Barwon Region. Barwon Youth have a proud history of delivering innovative programs for disadvantaged young people and communities, which have been underpinned by principles of social justice and premised on an understanding and respect for young people’s unique requirements and support needs in the context of their family.

Local Learning and Employment Network

LLENs have operated from 2002 to connect employers, education and training providers, government groups, agencies and individuals to help turn business and community needs and ideas into new and innovative programs for young people.