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YACVic and community support still strong for TGP

Blog » YACVic and community support still strong for TGP

Thursday, October 16 2014

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We are excited to see that The Geelong Project (TGP)  is listed as a funding priority in the 2014 YACVic Election Platform. It’s great to see the continuing support we have in the local and wider community for our early intervention model that can continue to prevent homelessness, school drop-out and offer early identification and support for a range of complex risk factors.

On page 7 under Housing you will see YACVic list TGP under ‘What is Needed’:

Support innovative, cross-sector initiatives which have demonstrated success in bringing together services, schools and local government to ensure safe, sustainable housing for vulnerable young people, while also reducing school disengagement and addressing mental health problems. (One example is the Geelong Project, currently seeking support to continue and extend their work.)

As with G21 Geelong Region Alliance listing TGP as a Priority Project under their Education and Training Pillar, each Geelong Mayor showing their support and publicly commenting on the success of the model in media (including Cr. Lyons who has written to the Victorian Premier about this work), our growing list of signed up Community Stakeholders (page 10 of the Exec. Summary document), Victorian Minister for Community Services, The Hon. Mary Wooldridge’s  praise of our early intervention platform, the outcomes seen with the youth supported and the bi-partisan support of the local MP’s goes to show that what we are doing does work, does need funding and is the answer to preventing a further increase to the already growing demand on crisis services.  By identifying youth early and offering the right support at the right time through a streamlined, integrated, ‘whole of community’ early intervention platform, youth homelessness, school drop out and other risk factors can be prevented.

Thanks to the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria, G21 Geelong Region Alliance and all of the many and varied supporters we have who believe this model is valuable and a worthwhile investment for our youth, our community and for government. Thank you to the amazing work you continue to do and for showing your support for the work we can achieve together.

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