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Philanthropic Funding for TGP

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Wednesday, November 19 2014

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Please see attached media article on the recently announced $300 000 grant from Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (LMCF) for an enhanced trial of our innovative, early intervention platform for vulnerable youth. Thanks to philanthropy further youth will be identified early and supported to prevent homelessness, school drop out, justice issues and receive help with mental health issues, family conflict and adolescent troubles. This platform does work, will prevent crises and is cost-effective for government and the community. LMCF is funding the vital components of project management (including privacy impact assessments & cost-benefit analyses with Give Where You Live), partnership work, research support and systems development.


A huge thank you goes to LMCF who have recognised our great work to date and are backing the future reform this project can achieve. Together with this funding the community of Geelong has raised $4.1 m in staffing, funding & in-kind support. If and when the service delivery arm is funded by government to build a specialised early intervention team and integrated platform with community services and schools, over 1300 youth in need in Greater Geelong will be supported.


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