TGP is a place-based ‘community of schools and youth services’ model for early intervention with at-risk young people. The effectiveness and efficiency of early intervention depends on early identification.

TGP has adopted a strong research and evidence based approach in relation to the development of its early intervention programs.

Research has shown that adolescence is a very important transition, where the decisions that young people make and the paths that they take can influence future opportunities, attitudes and behavior, and affect the course of their lives.

During the pilot phase of less than one full year, TGP proactively identified and intervened with 95 young people and 43 family members, where homelessness and school disengagement were identified at high risk. Without targeted intervention there is significant risk of the young person becoming homelessness and leaving school early.

Following TGP’s intervention:

  • 100% of the young people have remained engaged in school, increased engagement or returned to school
  • 100% of the young people supported have retained or obtained safe sustainable accommodation