Investment needed for TGP: a ‘schools and youth service’ model for early intervention

We are very excited to release our TGP Prospectus and TGP Submission Summary to DHS, Victoria which sets out our vision for a ‘community of schools and youth services’ early intervention model. This vision builds upon the outstanding success of a recent trial of TGP across several schools.

TGP, led by Time for Youth with partners Swinburne University and Geelong Region Local Learning and Employment Network, with schools and community partners, is grounded in community collaboration.

Our community model ensures that vulnerable young people get the early assistance they need provided through an early intervention entry point and a coordinated service response.  Our service provider partners involved in building this new platform for early intervention include over 30 agencies and schools.


Our vision is a ‘community of schools and youth services’ capable of preventing our most vulnerable young people from becoming homeless and leaving school early.


Over 1300 young people are at significant risk of homelessness and early school leaving within government schools and alternative education facilities across Geelong. Without an integrated and coordinated early intervention response, many of these young people are likely to become homeless, disengage from school and suffer from other lifecourse risk factors.


TGP is costed at $3653 per family. This is a massive saving to the community when compared to the cost of homelessness and early school leaving.


The Prospectus invites community investment in our innovative early intervention platform for vulnerable young people and their families. Financial support is urgently needed to implement and further develop this model. The key areas where financial assistance is needed are discussed from page 19. The submission to DHS, Victoria calls on the Government for a cross-departmental approach to funding the critical service delivery and school partnership Early Intervention work.


By working together, we can offer the right services at the right time, in preventing early school leaving and homelessness.


We are keenly interested in hearing about assistance that may be available and having discussions with anyone interested in collaborating in our vision for TGP and early intervention in the Geelong region. You are welcome to discuss your thoughts and suggestions with the contacts below and/or our partner agencies.


Mike Kelly, CEO, Time for Youth

M 0419 612 309


Peter Jacobson, Operational Manager, Time for Youth


Clare Peterson, Project Manager, Time for Youth