The Geelong Project (TGP) is a ground breaking early intervention program which connects schools and community services together to identify young people who are at high-risk of becoming homeless. Using a Youth Focused and Family Centred Approach, TGP provides help to prevent homelessness now and in the future.

need help?

Many people do not know where to turn when they, or someone they know, need some help. 

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The Australian Index of Adolescent Development (AIAD) is a 3 year longitudinal study which focuses on young people in school who may be experiencing a range of difficulties that puts them in a vulnerable state and at risk of becoming homeless.

Case Studies

Read about how The Geelong Project has changed lives by connecting with young people and giving them new skills and options for a better future.

warning signs

Knowing what to look for is half the battle when it comes to early intervention. Here we have noted the key indicators that are considered warning signs for potential homelessness. 

why early intervention?

The Geelong Project is a ground breaking early intervention program, which through community and cross sector collaboration, works to identify high-risk individuals and provide a range of early intervention services to prevent young people becoming homeless. The project aims to support young people AND their families by providing dedicated case workers who work with young people at risk, integrating support from schools and agencies.

The work of the team will be underpinned by Research and Development that builds new partnerships and pathways between schools and community agencies and develops common tools and approaches to assist school and community sector workers.

The direct benefit for the Geelong community will be that many young people who have issues at home and school will be able to access greater support from an interdisciplinary team of youth, family, education and employment, disability, mental health and drug and alcohol professionals.