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Monday, September 2 2013

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This innovative service developed in Geelong, based on a whole of community approach, has proven effective in diverting our young people from homelessness and keeping them engaged in school. During the pilot phase of less than one full year, The Geelong Project proactively identified and intervened with 95 young people and 43 family members, where homelessness and school disengagement were identified at high risk. Without targeted intervention there is significant risk of the young person becoming homelessness and leaving school early.

Following TGP’s intervention:
• 100% of the young people have remained engaged in school, increased engagement or returned to school (who were not attending regularly)
• 100% of the young people supported have retained or obtained safe sustainable accommodation (86.2% remained in or returned home (after leaving or regularly couch-surfing), 13.8% supported into alternative accommodation when home was not appropriate)


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